Alphabetical Order XYZ

Advertising in alphabetical order. From A to Z literally.

We believe the internet is one of the greatest inventions.

At the same time there is also a lot of 'noise', especially in relation to advertising.

That is why we've embarked on a journey with the ambition to build something that provides advertising to the masses in a way that is organized and truly unique.

Alphabetical Order XYZ is a platform that offers structure and order for both businesses and people who are seeking to advertise in a more simplistic, hands-off and fun way.

No one owns the alphabet. However, you really can own a virtual piece of the alphabet with us!

People will want to view your ad here because they never know what to find. If they do, then they expect you to be on here. Our initial focus will be on companies and personal brands.

There is a lot more in the pipeline, but let's focus on these two highly in demand advertising needs first shall we?

A brief background story...

It all started with the registration of some domain names back in 2018.

Being multilingual (Dutch and German), the versions matching those languages were registered as well. While the purpose of these domains were not clear at the time of registration, they made a lot of sense.

As years moved on and as the owner learned more about marketing and advertising, a light bulb idea came to mind. "Why not develop these domains, and place offers on it matching each letter of the alphabet!?" Easy concept, and while that was the plan initially, it did not feel like the right thing to do.

During the first half of 2020, that idea evolved into what you see today. Providing Ad Placements As A Service (APAAS) - a term that was made up - makes a lot more sense since so many more people would be able to benefit from it.

This is different than anything that is currently on the market or should we say; "the internet".

Until now that is...

the Netherlands

on the domain name:




Other specific countries we will cover in the near future:


on the domain name: